I have really become very  attached to two special people - Reese Harley and Carla De Lange from Pawfriends.  These two lovely ladies work alone to assist the animals in the Westlake township in CT and every day, come rain or shine, they are there... making an enormous difference. 

Dancers LOVE Dogs undertook to assist them by doing a 'Kennel Drive' for our fur friends in the township.

Our fabulous kennels donations came from a plea on Facebook. Thanks go to the following people for their unwanted kennels: 
  • Gan Hattingh
  • Louw Lombard x3 
  • Fred - "Ostripet"
  • Yvonne Zellwiegger 
  • Giuliana Levetan
  • Amanda Jensen 
  • Candice
  • Michelle Reid x2 

Our favourite company right now is TAXI -TRUCKS.  Denis Kaye assisted us by collecting all the kennels from each home and delivering them to Pawfriends.  All of this was donated by Taxi-Trucks! THANK YOU SO MUCH!
What a huge help this has been, as we would never have been able to get these kennels if it had not been for the kindness and generosity of Taxi-Trucks!  Jesslene Haines, PA to Denis Kaye, was amazing and wonderful to deal with. Thank you Jesslene!

I would also like to thank Joe Hofmeyr for collecting kennels earlier this month, and Dave and Debbie Wright for the donation. 

Now we have to work on some of the kennels and soon, some lovely fur babies in Westlake will have warm homes and shelter from the Cape's harsh winter.

My warmest thanks also to Dee Bratuchin and Penelope Putzel for donating warm blankets to the animals and Dee Bratuchin for adopting beautiful "Jake" from the township. 

If you would like to make a donation to Pawfriends - they sure would love some help!
PawFriends alleviates suffering for animals in Westlake township. We spay, vaccinate, get vet care, feed, give kennels, blankets, jerseys, mange treatment, and parasite control ~ internal and external ones.

Contact details:
Carla de Lange 082 7282118 
Reese Harley 082 066 2693

Bank details:
Account : 6202 037 3370
Branch : Tokai
Code : 200409
Name : PawFriends

 Love, Brig x

Taxi Trucks' Denis Kaye is doing a magical thing for Dancers LOVE Dogs tomorrow...

We have managed to find donations of people's  kennels from all over Cape Town  and Denis has arranged to have all the kennels collected and delivered - free of charge!  This is such an amazingly generous and kind gift to all the township doggies in West lake, who are all currently sleeping in the mud and sand, and some with no shelter at all.  We also managed to get some donations of wood and, with the help of the community, we are going to do a kennel building day in the near future as well.

I am in awe of all the people at Taxi Trucks, including Jesslene Haines who deserves a special mention for being unbelievable with all her efforts to get this together.

Dancers LOVE Dogs LOVES Taxi Trucks too! THANK YOU xxx


What a refreshingly beautiful day.  Sunny skies, Madiba’s Birthday and the ARO steri day for 67 dogs and cats.

I have had a relationship with ARO for so many years but never, in fact, met anyone... just lovely letters of thanks when I donated. So, to meet everyone today was a real blessing and happy occasion. What struck me from the time I walked into the main foyer was the calm and very, very happy people working there and a few excited yappers outside as there were in fact 85 dogs and cats waiting to be sterilized. 

I had a lovely tour of ARO and I found the wall of remembrance particularly special.  I think the amount is R200 and you can dedicate a plaque to a loved one that has passed on.  I met the pony and donkeys and then went on to see the brand new MASU, first ever mobile theatre, which is truly magnificent.  What a bonus and win for Cape Town!  Aniwell, African Tails and many fabulous and caring volunteers were all there to assist the animals and makes sure that they were all comfortable and comforted from being fetched from homes, to being taken back home!

When I found out that African Tails had an additional 18 animals to be sterilized, I made the decision immediately that Dancers  LOVE Dogs would pay for the additional 18 fur babies. –It was the least I could do for these lovely ladies, who give every day of their lives to the animals in need.

I loved every single minute helping the dogs and cats and being part of this day, and felt completely at home with all the superb ARO workers who gently tolerated my tears and questions and pleading to follow up on skinny dogs.  All of the staff CARE and all of them want what is best for the animals and that’s what we all shared today... COMPASSION in huge doses.  The staff must love their work at ARO as so many of them have been there for many, many years!

Each animal left once they were ready with a goodie bag filled with a donated blanket, food bowl, treat, food, collar and leash. I also loved that each animal was given all their injections, de wormed, micro-chipped and received flea treatment.  (A visit to the grooming palour would have been the last ultimate wish!)

Thank you ARO for organizing this for the dogs and cats and we are honoured to be part of this.  My last thoughts as I end this special day... May all the fur babies be warm and safe tonight with a full tummy and hopefully not too much discomfort from their operations.  Bless you all, special little ones and for the skinny little brown dog I fell so in love with,–you are especially in my thoughts and prayers.  


ARO set out to sterilize 67 animals on Mandela Day. However, we exceeded our expectations and were able to successfully sterilize, vaccinate, de-worm, microchip and provide flea/tick treatment to a total of 85 animals. Animals were brought in from surrounding impoverished communities as well as from other smaller welfare organisations.

The sponsors really served us proud and we are hugely grateful to them for their generosity.

MASU (Mobile Animal Sterilisation Unit) was utilized for the first time and proved to be a great success. We are excited to get MASU out on the road as soon as possible.

Vets and volunteers generously donated their time and services and were instrumental in the success of ARO’s Mandela Day Spayathon. The project was funded by DANCERS love  DOGS and other private individuals. –A big THANK YOU from everyone at ARO and all our furry little patients on the day.   http://www.animalrescue.org.za/

We join the rest of the world in sending our best wishes to Madiba on his 94th birthday. He has provided the inspiration for people to join together and do good. How you are spending your 67 minutes today? 

Dancers ♥ Dogs is proud to be sterilizing 67 dogs ( + cats) on Mandela day with ARO! 

Herewith the up-to-date financial statement for Dancers LOVE Dogs Cape Town, as at 18th July 2012.
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